How this site was born

Written by GoosieGirl

I've been in the handmade business for 12 years now. I've been creating and selling my designs with success for over a decade~ but sadly, my business came to a standstill recently and I wasn't making sales. Products were not selling and I didn't understand why. Things seem to have come to a halt for me. I was mainly concentrating my sales on two online venues (Facebook & Etsy) which had worked for me in the past, but that abruptly changed, and drastically! I started to think it was because of something *I* was doing wrong~ but then I realized it wasn't ME at all. It was because of things those venues had started doing differently. I started talking to other people in handmade and boutique circles, and I realized I was not alone in this predicament. I believe I've figured out some of the issues independent, small businesses are having and I'd like to ask you some questions:

  1.  Are you frustrated with Etsy for allowing wholesale and mass produced products from overseas?
  2.  Do you find it impossible to compete with the price points of these imported products when your handmade, better quality items are up against them in the same marketplace? 
  3. Do you find it chaotic to search for items on Etsy next to a flooded market with all the new knock off, mass-produced things now? 
  4. Are you disappointed in the algorhythims on Facebook that make it difficult for people to see your posts for your business page?
  5.  Are you frustrated that your facebook followers don't see all of your posts even if they click "get all notifications"? 
  6. Do you think it's unfair that you have to pay to unhide your posts on your facebook page for your followers to see your posts?
 Many handmade makers I spoke with have been using facebook and Etsy exclusively , or leaning on them heavily for selling and promotion of their small businesses and in the last couple of years, both of these platforms have made some drastic changes to their sites; and the changes they made have adversely affected small handmade businesses in a very negative way. It's been a labor of love, but I think I have come up with a solution....

 Are you looking for a truly handmade artisan site to sell your designs? There have been quite a few sites that have tried to compete with Etsy and their idea of strictly handmade... I have tried a couple different places over the years but just never got the results I would hope for. Enter a new, exciting place with a bustling online marketplace that officially launched on October 7th.

 This fun place is dedicated entirely to handmade items, and it is tied in with a whole community of like-minded people~ it is also a social gathering site where there is discussion forums, and a blog that will touch on a lifestyle, not a product. If I have caught your attention, welcome to Gypsy Spoonful!

We'll be blogging on average 3-4 times a week, with a host of witty, informed, interesting guest bloggers.

Our marketplace (located at www.GypsySpoonfulMarketplace ) is growing by leaps and bounds, we have over 100 makers with all sorts of wonderful items (200+ at last check)~  Oh and did I mention... the absolute BEST part about this format is that it is free to list items for sale in the marketplace and all transactions are directly through you, so no fees except your own through Paypal!!! YAY!!

We welcome all handmade items (even digital products such as templates, logos, pdf patterns that can be delivered via email, etc). If you have a handmade business and would like to be a part of Gypsy Spoonful, please email

What if you don't own a small business?

 How can you do your part to support this growing community?

  •  You can support these independent small business owners by browsing our marketplace on a regular basis
  •  Leave comments on the items and let our makers know if you like what you see! A little "atta girl" or "atta boy" goes a long way to boost the confidence of a maker!
  •  There are social media share buttons at the bottom of EVERY SINGLE listing, share the products in our marketplace with your friends on your own social media (twitter, facebook, pinterest etc) and spread the word about what we're doing.
  •  SHOP! A purchase in our marketplace directly supports a REAL person, not a corporation. When you buy something from one of the Gypsy Spoonful makers you know exactly who made it, there is no confusion 
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