A new alternative to selling on Etsy and Facebook

How this community will be formed... 

(a message to blog readers, supporters of our makers, buyers and community members as a whole)
To attract all of those who are free-spirited, open-minded individuals and give them what they can not
 find in the mainstream...
Off the beaten path, we are individuals of like-mindedness, those who explore:
  • Deliberate support of independent artists, makers and designers and the handmade movement as a whole. We explore...
  • Art
  • Music
  • Alternative lifestyle choices
  • Nature
  • Transforming your home into a sanctuary, travel, and other applicable topics.

What's Coming...
ON our blog we will be touching on all things bohemian for free spirited individuals. 
Interesting human interest stories, recipes, tutorials, DIY ideas, photography/art/music 
and opinion articles. Exciting news exploring alternative lifestyle choices such as
  • The Handmade & Maker Movements  (Shifting your shopping dollars away from big business and learning how to shop small & support local businesses IS an alternative lifestyle) 
  • Homesteading, Gardening and Growing your own food
  • Homeschooling 
  • Eco-friendly/Green products & lifestyle choices
  • Off Grid Living/Prepping life
  • Tiny House Community and Other Alternative housing
  • Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten Free and Other Recipes 
  • The Lifestyle of Thrift 
  • Stay at home parents/Work At Home Parents and much, much more

We will also get to know our community members through interviews and blog stories. while offering
 a full marketplace with all styles of handmade clothing, accessories and boutique items from
independent makers, from handmade clothing, home decor, accessories, festival wear, Children's
clothing, accessories, personalized items, knit, crochet, signs, pet supplies, and all types of gifts from creative designers, makers & artists.
My vision and why I want to do this... 
(a message to makers looking for an alternative to Etsy or Facebook or other selling venues)
1. I think makers are discouraged with Etsy and are frustrated with Facebook as means of selling.
Etsy : we as handmade makers can not compete with imported, mass  produced goods from China
 and other overseas countries (pricewise) ~and some buyers don't seem to care that the quality
does not compare to detailed, handmade goods. I personally feel betrayed by Etsy. I also believe
Etsy was soooo sneaky in allowing these things in that John Q. Public may not even KNOW what
 is truly handmade on their site anymore and what is not!~like it was a bait & switch deal~ they
 built their site as a strictly handmade site and then pulled the rug out from under us with no care
 about US, the handmade designers, and I don't feel I am alone in this. I have heard from a lot of
 others that they feel this way too, so I feel the time is ripe for this site. Facebook hides the majority
of posts on pages as we all know, Case in point, I built my page up to almost 32,000 followers,
 and I'm LUCKY if 600 people see a post now. It's extremely frustrating and I feel beaten. Yes,
I have a group, but it's not the same. I could go on for days about facebook and how their
 algorhithims totally screwed me over after I built my following for YEARS, even paying for
 advertising to build my following...Grrrr. So yet another reason, I think the opportunity is good
for an alternative venue... what have we got to lose?
 2. I'll be honest, this is an experiment, it will take a while to build up our following and get
sales. It's something new for buyers/customers. They need to see it for a while before they start
coming here regularly, that is where I will need your help. When you post items for sale, when there
 is a new blog post that goes up, when anything new, or just because we need more traffic on here...
we all need to share on social media to get traffic to this site. We need to get people in the habit of
 visiting. I believe if we offer a variety of items for sale, interesting blog posts with a wide variety
of topics, an interesting and interactive variety of discussion threads they WILL come and participate!
 Just like in the old ebay boutique days (many of you may not remember or have been around for those
 days, but discussion boards were are REGULAR part of our daily internet activity just like social
media is now). That is what I envision for this site. Eventually, as we grow and become established,
I wish to evolve into a fully functional multi-vendor site where each maker will be able to have
their own individual shop, but alas, we are not at that point yet. 
3. What do I hope you all (as sellers/makers/regular members) will do is: encourage each other,
inspire each other to grow your businesses, build each other up... and NOT compete with each other.
 I'd like to see you HELP each other. I know some of you may be making the same types of things
 but I will not tolerate ANY drama of any kind, I run a tight ship and there's no room for any
drama whatsoever. Be nice, be courteous, remember, we are all mom & pop type businesses, many
of us are parents and just trying to make it out here, let's be professional and kind.
 4. What types of things will be allowed? All handmade items, Digital goods (graphics, digital
graphics, patterns, ORIGINAL ebooks (no reselling), supplies (but no group buy-ins please, there are
 tooooo many problems with those in my experience) , destashing of supplies, fabric or other
supplies, seeds/plants. What's not allowed? no drugs or paraphenilia (sp?) , firearms or weaponry,
 adult content, animals, anything edible, or anything otherwise illegal, dangerous or in bad taste.

Interested in selling on this site? Drop us an email at: gypsyspoonful@gmail.com

 and let us know where you're selling now, and why you'd like to be a part of the site.

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  1. This looks like a wonderful place to be not only a wonderful selling platform, but a home.