Wednesday, March 1, 2017

GypsySpoonfull Memory Pillow by Stitches by Laura

Three button down shirts and one light-weight denim jacket with warm words printed on card-stock.

Have a special jacket or shirt that belonged to a loved one?
I can transform that piece of clothing into a pillow that will be treasured for years to come.
Four sports coats used together to create four very different pillows.

How does it work?
Quite simply, you send me the clothing (t-shirts, jackets, and anything in between) and a few weeks later, I will send you the pillow. Or a bag-I can do that, too.

One jacket cut apart and pieced together to make 3 memory pillows (one not pictured).
Comforting verse stitched on.

A variety of t-shirts made a great tote bag for a recent graduate.

$45 WITH pillow form, $35 WITHOUT pillow form.
Comforting verse/monogram is an additional $10.
Prices includes U.S. shipping.

Email to start the discussion.
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