Thursday, March 2, 2017

GypsySpoonful Easter Hair Bow Instructions - PDF Pattern - Fabric Raggie Bows DIY by GoosieGirl

So many people have tried to figure out how I make my bows, and how to duplicate them, with much confusion and frustration...Now...I am *finally* sharings my secrets on how to make
"Raggie Bows "!!

Included in this Ebook are clear, concise instructions with many, many pictures and a diagram drawn out to help you learn the techniques and tips to make these unique fabric bows. If you want to know the *RIGHT* way to make my bows, this ebook will teach you exactly how to do it, and with beautiful results!

Just think of all the beautiful bows you can make, with PERFECTLY matching fabric to match her handmade dresses and sets! A bow for every day! A bow in her school colors to show her school spirit at pep assemblies, spirit day and sporting events! Made to match your favorite lines from Gymboree, Matilda Jane, Kpea or match your favorite handmade custom designer and beyond!

Many buyers of this pattern make these bows and give them as favors for little girl's birthday parties

I have also had almost 200 people buy this pattern and make CHEER Bows!
Because YOU make them, you can use any fabric prints, themes, or colors
to match your team, school or group!

In addition to step-by-step instructions, also included are the names of suppliers I use & recommend, tips on selecting fabrics and how to add embellishments. I've also included some information on how to make variations on the Raggie Bow , for adding them to headbands, boots, shoes, purses oron a Headband as well as How to Make "piggie" or "pigtail" bows.

Throughout the ebook, I not only tell you HOW but I also include many *WHYS* as to the reason I do things the way I do, many years of trial and error have shown me the best way to perfect this original bow of mine. These bows require NO sewing!!

*****This is a digital transaction, please be aware of what you are purchasing prior to buying this PATTERN.*****

This pattern will be sent via email to the buyer within 24-48 hours in PDF file format.

**Note: All sales are final on ebooks/patterns, no refunds whatsoever.
** It is your choice to buy this book, and it will not be refunded once it is sent to you.*

What people are saying about this ebook:

"Thank you. I already made one bow for my daughter's Easter dress I made her. It came out so beautiful. I need to take pics so you can see them! Thank you again!"

"Thank you Heather! Your instructions are excellently written! ...Awesome Instructions, Pleasant Seller & Very Fast Delivery! Clear and easy to follow and well worth the price."

"Received instructions for raggie bows yesterday. The are GREAT!!!! You certainly did a super job when you wrote the instructions. They are really clever and you can see you put a lot of thought and work into your design. Know my granddaughters will love them."

"OMG, love it! Thanks so much!!!"

"I ordered it. Never in a gazillion years would I have figured it out on my own.
I like instructions that are clear, concise and have easy to see pictures this set of instructions fits the bill. I think if you are looking to make a "Raggy Bow" like this one, you will need the instructions to do it."

"I was so excited to see the instructions for this bow that I paid the $ b/c in the long run it will save me time. It is so easy and I would have never have thought about the way this is created. Heather, thank you for making the ebook and sharing your instructions."

I am more than willing to help you, or answer any questions you may have during the construction of your first bows, should you have any.

Reg. Price $10 ---- Gypsy Spoonful Price $8
These will be delivered worldwide via Email.
They'll arrive in English using Standard Measurements (not metric)

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