Sunday, February 19, 2017

GypsySpoonful Rainbow Safari Animal Non-Toxic NURSING NECKLACE by Goosie Girl

Featured is a Goosie Girl original Nursing Necklace

The theme of this necklace is "Rainbow Safari" and it's so fun in brights! The shapes of the pretty beads are all adorable zoo life creatures such as giraffes, turtles, bears, lions, elephants and rhinos!

What is a nursing necklace? 
It's a necklace breastfeeding moms wear around their necks, and make available to their nursing infants.

Why use a nursing necklace?
It helps keep baby's attention focused in the right direction. It provides colorful stimulation for cognitive development, as well as tactile stimulation with the different shapes and textures of the beads.
At a certain age it seems baby is MUCH more interested in what is going on in the room around them to stay focused, and not pull off constantly. (can you say OUCH?!) . This helps keep baby's attention and less pulling off, resulting in longer sessions at each breast. 

Why are Goosie Girl's nursing necklaces sought after? 
They're made with non-toxic beading, natural cording AND something nobody else has, the ONLY break-away clasp on the market, for safety's sake. Please note, these necklaces are to be worn by nursing MAMAs , not babies/infants. This should NOT be put on any child, nor should they be left unsupervised with this nursing necklace. 

This will ship FREE to the US. At this time I do NOT ship outside the US
For your convenience I accept all forms of payment through the "buy it now" button below
Questions? Comment here OR email me directly: goosiegirlboutique at gmail dot com

Please head over to the sidebar on the right and click the #goosiegirl label to see all of my listings on Gypsy Spoonful. (I'll be listing more nursing necklaces today if you want to see the other colors/themes available).

These make ideal baby shower gifts, or a new baby gift for a nursing mommy and baby!

$16.00 with FREE US Shipping included

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