Thursday, February 23, 2017

GypsySpoonful - Firefly Threads - Set of 4 Wool Dryer Balls

Set of 4 felted wool dryer balls in coral color. The photos shown in black tweed are as an example only for size.




Each ball measures about 2.8 inches in diameter, roughly the size of a tennis ball.

Made of 100% wool yarn.

This item has been crafted in a smoke free and pet free environment.

Why use wool dryer balls?

Wool dryer balls save you money, energy and time by cutting the dryer’s drying time and by eliminating the need to buy softeners. They won’t affect the absorbency of towels or cloth diapers.

How do wool dryer balls work?
As the balls circulate, they separate the clothing allowing the warm air to move more freely. How many you use is up to you, the more you have in your load, the faster the drying time and less static cling there will be. If over time you notice that they’re not doing their job as well, put them in a sock or pantyhose and run them through a wash cycle before adding them back to the dryer. They will pill, it means they’re working! I find that the more I use my dryer balls, the better they work. You can even add 1-2 drops of your own essential oil (like lavender) on each one to give your clothes a nice scent.

Do wool dryer balls work in any type of dryer?
Yes! The size of the laundry load and type of machine will determine the degree of efficiency. A newer machine will have better efficiency performance overall, but you can reduce drying time by at least 25%, even with an older dryer model.

I will be adding more color options as they become available!

Price: $25
Shipping: Free Shipping!

These are shipped within 5-7 days of payment received
Please contact Pam of Firefly Threads at to place an order or if you have any questions!


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