Monday, January 23, 2017

GypsySpoonful Vintage Inspired OTT Valentine Feather Fascinator. OOAK. RTS. by GoosieGirl

Take your pick of these two whimsical feathery fascinators for Valentine's Day from Goosie Girl!
They're both ready to ship, and one of a kind.
Pretty red and pink curled nagorie feather pads are embellished with a vintage mid-century ooak Valentine, a pink satin rose, rolled fabric flower, a little bling and an accent of twisted wiry heart garland!

You choose your hardware: A FOE custom-sized elastic headband, a lace headband in white, red or pink, a satin wrapped hard headband, or clips!
Hardware will be added upon order.

These are both ready to ship, I ship to the US only.
Questions? leave a comment, or email me directly:

I am the owner and founder of Gypsy Spoonful~ I'm the sole creative force behind the Goosie Girl brand.
We've been creating breathtaking accessories since 2005, our clients include many A-list celebrities.

I acccept all forms of payment through the Buy it Now Button:

"For My Sweetie" little rocking horse cowboy Vintage Valentine Fascinator
or "Be My Valentine" boy and Girl Vintage Valentine Fascinator
$15 each
(Free shipping to the US)


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