Saturday, January 14, 2017

GypsySpoonful One of a kind GNOME HOME - Fairy Garden House - Mushroom - Dollhouse - by GoosieGirl

"All the Fairies were gathering at dawn 
And they were so happy in giving a hand 
'Cause in a few moments David the Gnome would be 
Arriving to Fairyland and they wanted to make it grand ...

David the Gnome was so happy to be again with all his friends 
All the Fairies and Elves, Leprechauns and Gnomes wanted to attend 
Tinkerbright and Aethelwyne just descended from a tree 
And happily started to cheer and when they saw David they did glee 

With all their might and with their adepted tiny little hands 
They started to clap and sing sweet songs that were grand 
With joy and laughter all the Fairies, Leprechauns, Elves and Gnomes rose 
For their hearts full of happiness did glow as their joy just arose 

All of sudden there was not a sound and not a single bird from the boughs sang 
Everybody looked around and they just smiled with joy as far as a mile 
Then they just run and put their little arms around David the Gnome 
Who was smiling so very happy too to be with his friends back again in Fairyland for awhile. 

-Dorian Petersen Potter

This is a completely handmade Gnome Home by Goosie Girl
The Details: 
Sits on an approximately 12" round with dried & preserved reindeer moss 
Completely hand constructed and lightweight
(not heavy to ship) 

  • The whole house has been hand painted in cream and red
  • Handmade, hand stained wooden shutters and front door with little door knob
  • The window boxes match the bright red roof and have sweet little flowers growing in them
  • There is a darling little visiting lady bug perched upon one of the shutters
  • A climbing rose bush is planted and thriving while in bloom along the side of the home
  • A dainty little vine has climbed and wound it's way around the front and side of the humble, little abode
  • This little gnome home has a rustic stone floor with hand placed faux stones
  • There is a stone chimney and fireplace on the outside of the house

No detail has been overlooked on this precious piece!

The roof is completely removable, to place gnome/fairy sized furniture in it, 
or valentines to use as a valentine box, or an LED candle for super adorable display in the evening!

From the top of the chimney to the moss on the "ground" : Approx. 11 1/2" high
Around the mushroom cap roof:  Approx. 33 1/2" (approx 13" diameter)
Around the mushroom stem house + window boxes: 31" (approx 11 1/2" diameter)
Width of the hardwood door:  Approx. 4" wide x 5 " high
Width + Height of Windows:  Approx. 2" wide x 1 1/4" high

 This is one of a kind, and won't be reproduced exactly
I take the utmost care and the details are what makes this so precious.

I'm taking orders for custom gnome homes, comment or please email me directly and I will set up a custom listing just for you and your unique Goosie Girl Gnome Home

Ready To Ship
$60.00 + $8.00 shipping
I accept all forms of payment through the Buy it Now Button

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