Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gypsy Spoonful Woodland Whimsy : Choose Owl Hedgehog Squirrel Headband Fascinator by GoosieGirl

Woodland Whimsy Collection by Goosie Girl

All that she knew was that it was a snowy day
And she was in a horse pulled sleigh
The blanket was covering her
From her knees to her feet.
The thermos of hot chocolate was such a treat.

The frozen lake, the snow covered trees
Was truly a sight to be seen.
the birds high up in the trees
Whistling so cheerfully

Singing songs of summers past
And how the winter came so fast.
The ground hog not wanting to come out
He knew well what winter was about.
The ground was covered in a blanket of white
All roads and paths were out of sight.
That did not stop this horse pulled sleigh
He had gone thru this many a day. 
He had a covered barn that awaited him
That was the reason he had a grin.
The animals were frantically searching for food 
The possums, the raccoons, the rabbits 
And The squirrels too.
With one purpose in mind
And that was to stay alive.
As she got to where they were gathered
She pulled out from under her blanket
A five pound bag of peanuts and seed
for her to feed - these poor
Little creatures who always came around
When there was no food to be found.
She was the snow white of this land
Always there to give a hand.
So when you see a squirrel stop and stand 
on its hind legs, it’s to see if it is their snow white
Who helped them on this cold winter night. 
-Louis Rams

Featured for your consideration is a set of fun headband / fascinators with a whimsical Woodland Creature theme. Take your choice of Miss Hedgie, Madame Owl or Silly Squirrel 

Fits ages 3-Adult
Ready to ship
(or if you'd like a smaller size, just comment or email me and I will do a custom listing for you)

Miss Hedgie
~SOLD ~ 

Madame Owl

Silly Squirrel

$14.00 with FREE shipping to the US
Ready To Ship
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