Thursday, October 6, 2016

Gypsyspoonful Handmade Wednesday look alike doll

♥ We all know their theme song and now you can hum it to your own custom made doll.

♥ Each little Wednesday will reflect her dark dress with white collar. She also features attached shoes to complete the outfit.

♥ Machine washable and dryer safe but I also recommend to be gentle and wash in a pillow case.

♥ As you can see from the photos this little cutie will bring a bit of goth to your life without going overboard. She has black hair with two braids tied with black ribbon bows.Her hand embroidered face featured sleepy eyes and a cute smirk. You may also be a lucky one that receives a Wednesday inspired doll with a cutie/beauty mark!

♥ This little doll is about 15" tall. Her braids can be undone as the ribbon is not sewn on at the ends.

♥ When you purchase Wednesday you will receive free shipping in the USA, a free gift and a punch on your customer card. Doll pattern is an original by dolls and daydreams.

♥ LockhartTrove ♥

♥ $25.00
♥ Free shipping in the USA
♥ Any questions please inbox me at
♥ Ready to ship 1-3 days.

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